Playing with some Portra

I accidentally left my DSLR at work over a long holiday weekend, so I decided to pull out a film camera and some recently-expired Portra 160 NC for a day of shooting. I ended up taking my grandmother to the State Fair and grabbed a few shots while I was there and finished the roll a few days later.

Canon EOS 1n camera with the 50mm f/1.2, film scans were made on the Plustek 7600 (8 MP TIFFs) and finished/exported with Aperture.


In search of... Epic Harley Quinn cosplay

I just got back from DragonCon and I spent a little time there this year trying to photograph as many Harley Quinn cosplayers as possible. I didn't collect nearly as many shots as I thought, but the popularity and variation of this costume is astounding, even from the small sampling I shot.

Below there is a gender-bent version, a "bombshell" Harley (from this summer's variant cover series), a Harley/Ghostbusters mash-up, a steampunk Harley, and all the variations from the comic from the Paul Dini era to the current roller-derby Harley by Amanda Connor. And I still managed to miss Pirate Harley... maybe next year.

For the record, I didn't know who Harley Quinn was a year ago. I thought her character's name was "Harlequin" and I couldn't have told you whether she was from DC or Marvel. I kept seeing these girls carrying these giant hammers and that piqued my curiosity, leading to a solid year of "research" into comic books, publishers, characters, story arcs, etc. Can you guess who my favorite character is? 

And just to round out the collection, check out all the Harley Quinn cosplayers behind Batman!


Photographing a jazz legend (again!)

I photographed Columbia jazz legend Skipp Pearson for a magazine a few nights ago. I've known Skipp since the mid 90s, when I used to hang out at this jazz club on Gervais. I've photographed him through the years with a variety of formats and film stock. He and his band played at my wedding and my first photographic exhibition.

So it seemed appropriate when a magazine contacted me out of the blue a few weeks ago and asked me if I'd be interested in the assignment. Heck yes!


So, I'm an uncle now...


Single Roll Stories: Bamberg County, SC, November 9, 2013

I photographed this location with my iPhone back in 2011 and had always intended to go back and get some better images. I had an opportunity to shoot it again on film this past weekend, but I couldn't recall where it was, since it is pretty far back in a rural area. Fortunately, the old iPhone images were geotagged and still in my Camera+ lightbox. A few taps later and the location was loaded into Maps and I was on my way.

Film stock used this time was Arista EDU 100, exposed at 50 ISO and slightly pull processed in Arista 76 1:1 -- a method based on a simplified version of the zone system (expose for shadows, develop for highlight detail).

The resulting negatives were quite good and scanned easily with tremendous detail/sharpness, low grain and broad tonality.

Overall, I'm not that happy with the images themselves. My memory of this area was perhaps more vivid than it is in reality. I've done the "abandonment porn" thing to death and this roll didn't move me forward in any way. The narrative is lacking, although there is a certain post-apocalyptic feel to the whole thing that was in the back of my mind as I was shooting.

Equipment used was the Nikon F3 with Nikkor 50mm and 24mm lenses. Exposures were determined with a Minolta light meter. For once I used a tripod!