Wildwood, New Jersey, Boardwalk Scenes

Images from a recent visit to the Jersey Shore.


Skipp Pearson: Jam session, April 30

I had a rare opportunity to photograph one of my favorite jazz musicians last night at Le Cafe Jazz during a friends-and-family exclusive jam session. Skipp is reportedly about to begin chemotherapy, so this was a special night for him and his fans. 

Reflecting on the evening, I can honestly say I've been a fan of his work for nearly 20 years now, as I first heard him play in 1995 when I was a college student. I was fortunate to have him play at my wedding and the reception for my first exhibition. I sincerely hope he's feeling better soon.


The Seiko SNK803

These $50 Seiko SNKs are fun and well-made automatics. I bought a navy-blue dialed one for Jenny and we both loved it. I decided to get this vintage-ish cream-colored dial version for myself and pair it with a flieger-style strap.


Photographing watches

I've recently become interested in horology and collecting unique timepieces. The Gruppo Gamma Mk III Vanguard caught my eye as an evolved Panerai homage, so I ordered one and couldn't wait to photograph it. This watch has hardly been off my wrist since it arrived.

I discovered I have a lot to learn about shooting watches. I went with a simple setup consisting of two lights (speedlights with shoot-through umbellas) arranged for standard cross-lighting, and the 100mm macro lens. Reflections in the watch crystal are a big issue, so I will likely be constructing some sort of product photography box to provide wraparound lighting and reflection control for future shoots.

I really like how the "lume shot" came out. I kept the lights on, but dialed my power down a bit and used a longer shutter speed to capture more of the glowing luminescence.  



Taming The Beast

I spent some time this weekend with local auto enthusiast Silver DeSando, who has created "The Beast," a zombie-response truck inspired by the Resident Evil series of video games and movies. I first encountered The Beast at Supah-Pop Con here in Columbia and shot some photos of it then. I mentioned that I'd be happy to get some shots in a more realistic environment, so this was our first effort, along with some detail shots.

Some of the crazy toning and HDRish effects aren't really my style, but I was having fun playing with the new Nik package and I couldn't help myself.

Larger images are over at my Flickr page.