A collection of recent work, summer-fall 2016

I've been shooting quite a bit for a local magazine and I do appreciate their faith in me, as it's helped me fund my latest astrophotography endeavors.

Anyway, here's a sample of some of the assignments I've worked:

Blueberries: A survey of three blueberry farms and their owners, one located in Columbia, another near Aiken and a third near Charleston.


God's Acre Healing Springs: The famous natural springs located in Blackville, S.C., where the waters are alleged to have healing properties.


VCS Nuclear Site, second reactor installation: Fun little tour of the nuclear plant near Jenkinsville, S.C.


Polo Player Cristina Fernandez: Had a good time shooting this one down near Aiken on a beautiful afternoon.


 Colonial Portraits, Living History Park: North Augusta

There's a lot more in the pipe and additional assignments are ahead!


Still having fun in Lone Star

My obsession with this little Calhoun County town started back in 1998 when I took a drive out to the country with a couple cameras and some slide film. It's still very dark, very desolate, and very haunting.

Self Portrait, Lone Star, October 2016

Both Ends of the Milky Way, Lone Star, October 2016

Low Falls Landing, Lone Star, October 2016



The Milky Way from Congaree National Swamp

This is possibly one of the most dramatic shots of the night sky I've managed to get, thanks in no small part to a new Rokinon 12mm lens. This isn't the brightest portion of the Milky Way, so it's subtle.

Milky Way Over Congaree National Park, October 19, 2016


Shooter Jennings & Waymore's Outlaws

I've become a big fan of Shooter's music since I saw him at DragonCon this year. Unfortunately at that show, all I had with me was my cell phone, so my photos looked pretty rough. So when I saw he was playing in Greenville this month, I made plans to hit the show and bring some decent hardware.

I've never shot concerts before, but with the lighting design and a nice spot up front, it was easy to get decent images. This is just a small sample of a really large batch of good ones.


The Single Malt Sky Crew

Getting serious about astrophotography. My buddy Stewart has been doing this for a while, but I think I'm ready to take the plunge and get some new equipment and make more images like this.

Venus Sets, Bethune, S.C., October 1, 2016Meditations on the Night Sky, , Bethune, S.C., October 1, 2016
Starfield Triptych, Bethune, S.C., October 1, 2016Imaging Infinity, Bethune, S.C., October 1, 2016